Saint Hubert Medals in the Life of a Catholic

A medal (medallion) is a piece of metal that often looks like a coin but without any monetary value. The main purpose of medals is to serve as commemorative of important persons, places or shrines, historical and miraculous events and personal graces (e.g., First communion, Confirmation, and Ordination). They can also serve as reminders of lessons of piety such as the badges used by members of religious associations. Many Catholic devotees also believe that medals protect and bless their wearers.

In the course of history, Saint Hubert medals have been evident objects of protection. The most famous medals are those made to commemorate saints. People wear them to show devotion to their chosen saints and to implore for their prayers. If not worn, these religious medals are placed inside vehicles or homes of Catholic families.

One of the famous religious Saint Hubert medals is the medal of St. Christopher, the patron saint of travelers. Legend has it that St. Christopher, who was named Reprobus prior to his Christian baptism, was a Canaanite with extraordinary size and strength. He went searching for the most courageous master to serve. After serving a king who can be terrified by the devil, he offered his services to an evil advocate. However, he got discouraged because his master cringes at the sight of the Christ’s image on the cross. So he went away searching for this “Christ’ and found a hermit who converted him into Christianity. Instead of fasting and praying, he served the Lord through carrying travelers across a raging river. One time, he carried a child who became heavier and heavier as they reach the other side of the riverbank. The child said that He is the “Redeemer of the world,” and asked St. Christopher to fix his staff on the ground. The following day, the staff became a palm tree. This miracle converted many lives during St. Christopher’s time. However, when the cruel Roman emperor named Decius heard about the conversions initiated by St. Christopher, he ordered his men to imprison him and after sometime was beheaded by the decree of the emporer.

Saint Hubert Medals in the Life of a Catholic

Another famous medal is that of St.  Saint Hubert of Assisi. He was a soldier who yearned for a life of the Spirit. And so he left his old life and “married Lady Poverty” as mentioned by Dante in his accounts. St. Francis was so selfless that he often exchanged clothes with beggars and lepers and gave them all that he had. He is the patron saint of animals because of his deep love for nature. He always takes time to smell flowers and talk to animals and plants addressing them as his brothers and sisters. His famous prayer says, “Make me a channel of your peace, where there is hatred let me sow love…” Because of this dedication, his St. Francis medals are often worn by animals or by nature enthusiasts.

St. Benedict is the founder of Western Christian monasticism, initiating the formation of twelve communities. He is famous for writing the “Holy Rule” which discusses both spiritual and administrative realm. There he wrote about having a Christ-centered life here on earth and how to run a monastery effectively. St. Benedict exemplified a deep devotion for the Holy Cross, making miracles by the use of the sign of the cross. Thus, the Cross has always been closely associated with the St. Benedict Medal, which is often referred to as the Medal-Cross of St. Benedict.