PokerStars Casino announces new in-house title Victory Tribes

The ever-popular PokerStars Casino has announced a new online slot game developed in-house titled, Victory Tribes. The new game is a first for the industry as it provides multiple community features within a real money slot title.

Customize the Experience:

With Victory Tribes, players will find the slot is of course, tribal themed, but it also allows for customization that has never been seen before. Players can choose their tribe and take on opponents within the bonus round known as Tournament Battles. Five times each hour, as many as 50 players will be able to duke it out for the win and of course, prizes!

Players can choose from four different tribes when playing the game: Kermora The Druid, Craig The Highlander, Bjorg The Viking and Toghon The Mongolian. Players have the ability to level up during gameplay with the title having five multiplier levels.

According to a recent press release…

Bo Wänghammar, Managing Director of PokerStars Casino, commented on the new game by stating: “Victory Tribes is positioned to shake up the online casino industry with community features that are the first of their kind. We pride ourselves on continuing to produce exclusive, market-leading and game-changing slot games.”

Progressive Jackpots and Additional Features:

The new game is connected to three progressive shared jackpots: The Super, Extra and Mega options. Each jackpot is shared among as many as 50 qualified players. The largest jackpot on offer is the Mega, which provides more than $60,000 in prize money.

As players wager, the Battle Meter will grow. Once filled up, the player will then be qualified to compete in the Bonus Tournament. Qualified players are able to compete in a head to head tournament against another game play or a group tournament with as many as 50 players every 12 minutes.

On top of the customization options in game play and Bonus Tournament, players also have access to bonus spins and wilds.

PokerStars Casino announces new in-house title Victory Tribes